Information Talks on Debt Management

Our Information Talks on Debt Management are FREE and open to the public.

You may know of someone who may be worried about not being able to pay the household bills or appear to be anxious about receiving phone calls from the banks. One telling sign of a debt situation getting out of control is when a person’s take-home pay cannot meet one’s routine living expenses and make payments to existing loans. When debts begin to pile up, stress and anxiety could lead one to make bad decisions such as using one credit card to pay for another, or taking up “payday” loans to service existing debt obligations. When a person receive phone calls and reminder letters from creditors chasing for payments, it means that creditors may begin taking legal actions.

You can help by providing support and to accompany the person to attend the talk. Anyone may attend to receive reliable information on how one can address a mounting debt situation that have become increasingly difficult to manage.

During the talk, we will share information on the various options one can consider to address problem debts, the "do-s and dont-s" of dealing with a debt problem, how to deal with creditors and the common actions that creditors can take to recover the money owed.  After attending the talk, most people usually have a clearer idea of what they can do next to avoid spiralling deeper into debt.

If you wish to receive personalised debt advice or intend to explore our Debt Management Programme and would like to speak with our Financial Counsellors, you will have to make an appointment first.

Making an appointment is easy. You may collect the Counselling Request Package, which is made available at the end of every talk. Complete the forms in the Counselling Request Package, attach with relevant supporting documents and send them to CCS. Once we have received your Counselling Request Package, we will inform you through phone and/or email on your appointment date/time to see our counsellors.



For addressing personal, consumer debts, attend our Information Talks on Debt Management. Talks are held every weekday evenings and every two weeks on Saturdays. Each talk is about 2 hours in duration.

For addressing business debts and liabilities of personal guarantees given for business borrowings, you may also consider attending our Information Talks on Debt Management for Business Owners. Our business info-talks are held once a month on a weekday evening.

Check our schedule for upcoming talks here.


Online Debt Management Course

You may consider taking our Online Debt Management Course if you prefer to learn more about debt management at your own time and pace. By taking the course, you will be able to download additional resources and the Counselling Request Package. Just complete the forms, with the relevant supporting documents and send them to CCS for us to schedule you for an appointment.


At the moment, our website does not support online request for counselling or allow uploading of documents.