Enterprise Credit Counselling Programme

When small enterprises fail, they often lack the relevant financial knowledge and/or the resources to engage professional business consultancy services to manage and address their obligations and financial liabilities as business owners.
~ Mr Kuo How Nam, Chairman Credit Counselling Singapore


The Enterprise Credit Counselling Programme (ECCP) is an extension of our long-standing consumer Debt Management Programme, to advise owners of small enterprises on their obligations and financial liabilities in the event of business termination. Where feasible, CCS will propose a repayment arrangement to their creditors for unsecured business debts that remain after the cessation of business, as well as for unsecured personal debts.

You can find our more about our our enterprise Enterprise Credit Counselling Programme by attending our FREE Information Talk on Debt Management for Small Business Owners. Attending the talk provides you with reliable information to understand your obligations as a business owner, your financial liabilities as a personal guarantor, including in cases where there is joint and several liability, and how CCS can assist you.

During the talk, you may:

1.   Gain a better understanding of the financial liabilities and obligations expected of a business owner and personal guarantor in the event of business termination.

2.   Know the consequences of non-payment of one’s financial commitments.

3.   Be informed of the various options for debt settlement.


If you wish to receive a personalised debt counselling or want to explore our Debt Management Programme, you may request for an appointment to speak with our Financial Counsellors. 

Do note that currently, for CCS to facilitate a debt repayment arrangement for outstanding business debts, the business owner must meet all of the following criteria:

1.   Have ceased business operations or in the process of closing down the business operations;

2.  Have business assets not exceeding S$1 million; and

3.  Have unsecured business debts owing to banks and financial institutions not exceeding S$500,000.


Our Information Talk on Debt Management for Small Business Owners are conducted in both English and Chinese, each held once a month on a weekday evening (about 1.5 hours in duration). Check our schedule for upcoming talks here.