CCS specialises in  assisting people with an unsecured, legal, consumer debt problem. However, CCS is unable to take up a person’s case and talk to his creditors, e.g. a bank, without first having a detailed understanding of his financial situation. CCS obtains a person’s details from the credit counselling session that takes place after the person has attended CCS free info talk on debt management and also submitted his counselling request to us.

CCS offers services in the following areas:

  • Information Talks on Debt Management

  • Credit Counselling

  • Debt Management Programme (DMP)

  • Talks and workshops on financial education and money management

Info Talk on Debt Management

CCS conducts its  Info Talk on Debt Management weekly in either English or Mandarin.  It is normally held on a weekday evening and once a month, there is a Saturday afternoon session.  The Info Talk covers the dos and don'ts about a debt problem, options on addressing a debt problem, common collection actions taken by the creditors against the debtors, services offered by CCS and the fees. Read more here.

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Credit Counselling

Credit counselling is a solution-focus counselling that deals with an individual’s debt problem. The credit counsellor works with the person on his over-indebtedness situation by assisting him to make an estimation on the amount of debts owed, identify the resources available, draw up a monthly budget that takes care of all living expenses and explore possible solution that may address the debt problem.

If the person also has other problems such as relationship issue or mental stress or gambling addiction, etc, with the person’s consent, CCS will make referrals to the other help agencies for the person to seek appropriate assistance. Read more here.

Debt Management Programme (DMP)

DMP is a monthly installment debt repayment plan.  It is a plan that assists suitable individual to set aside sufficient money to take care of his living necessities and also to enable him to make monthly payment, within capacity, to his creditors to discharge off his debt obligations over a period of time. Read more here.

Education on Financial-Related Topics

CCS conducts money management workshops/talks for general public who wish to learn about effective money handling. CCS is able to customise talks and workshops on financial-related topics at a fee. Read more here.

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