Need Help


If you or your loved one has a debt problem and not sure what to do. Or perhaps you wish to seek assistance from CCS to help you or your loved one to better understand the debt situation and/or manage a debt problem -- read through CCS's 3-step help process below.


Step 1 – Compulsory Attendance of the Info Talk on Debt Management

The individual is requested to attend a compulsory free Info Talk on debt management that is being conducted on a weekly basis. This talk explains the various options in handling a debt problem and the common collection actions taken by the creditors.  It will also explain the services offered by CCS so that the individual can self-assess and decide what he wants to do next.

The Info Talk takes about 2 hours and is normally held on a weekday evening, although once a month, there is a Saturday afternoon session. CCS Info Talks are conducted in either English or Mandarin.

To register for CCS Info Talk - Info Talk


Step 2 – Credit Counselling to Explore Solution


If the individual wishes to seek further assistance after he has attended the free info talk, he needs to submit his request for counselling appointment.

After receipt of the submission, CCS will call the individual to set up a one-to-one counselling appointment.  The individual will be invited to CCS office to discuss his situation in details with a credit counsellor in reference to the information and documents that he has submitted earlier on.

To ensure a meaningful discussion and comprehensive assessment during the counselling session, it is a must for the individual to attend the free Info Talk first.  He must also submit ALL the relevant documents and be upfront about his assets, liabilities, income and other resources available.

To achieve a plausible solution, the individual needs to be open-minded to explore the various  options and be prepared to make lifestyle adjustment in order to resolve the debt problem.

A credit counselling appointment normally lasts about 2 hours.  Sometimes, an individual may be requested to attend more than one credit counselling session.


Step 3 – Set up a Debt Management Programme (DMP)


At the counselling session, the credit counsellor will assist the individual to work out a monthly budget, explore and explain the options and identify the most appropriate solution for his debt problem at the moment.

If at the end of the counselling session, both the counsellee and his credit counsellor concurred that the Debt Management Programme (DMP) is the most suitable option, upon the request of the counsellee,  CCS will then work on the DMP proposal. 

A DMP proposal is drawn up based on the information and documents provided by the counsellee and the debt information provided by the creditor banks.  Subject to the DMP Review Committee’s approval, CCS will send out the DMP proposal for the creditors’ review and approval.  CCS will also notify all stakeholders on the outcome of the consolidated creditors reply.

A DMP is a debt repayment plan via monthly installment payment over a reasonable time period, and it is drawn up based on the debtor's repayment capacity.