Facing difficulties in making minimum payment to your credit cards or loans

Defaulting on your monthly payments to your credit cards or loans
Seeking advice on handling your creditors
You can refer to Handling Creditors for more information.

If you wish to learn more about self-managing a debt problem you can refer to CCS’s Self-admin pointers.

If you have already discussed with your loved ones about your debt problem, considered all your options and came to the conclusion that there is really no way to repay the debts you owe, you may want to learn more about Bankruptcy.

In fact, before you make your final decision on filing for bankruptcy, it is advisable for you to quickly attend CCS free Info Talk on debt management.

We have compiled a list of organisations and their contact details that may be useful information when managing a debt-related issue:

  • Information on Bankruptcy
  • Free legal counselling
  • Credit Report
  • Licensed and unlicensed money lenders
  • Counselling for emotional crisis
  • Counselling for gambling and other forms of addiction(s)
  • Disputes with financial institution(s)
  • Financial assistance
  • Consumer banks in Singapore

You can refer to Useful Links for more information.