Online Debt Management Course (Consumer Debt)

The Online Debt Management Course is an e-learning programme that you may complete at your own time and pace. It should take you about 90 to 120 minutes in total to complete. You may start whenever you are ready and stop whenever you need to. You can pick up where you left off during the course.

Presented over five bite-sized modules, this online course provides you with relevant information on the various options to address an unsecured debt problem, common creditor collection actions and how to prepare for a counselling session with our Financial Counsellors. The course will also explain how you can obtain your credit report, work out your monthly budget and determine your debt repayment capacity.

To help you recap the main learning points on how to address problem debts, you are required to complete a Debt Management Knowledge Quiz at the end of the course.

After completing this course, should you wish to see a Financial Counsellor, follow the instructions on submitting a Counselling Request Package. 

In order to access the online course, please register for a user account.

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Please complete the course within 30 days, after which your account will expire. Please contact if you wish to extend your account. 

Getting an Appointment with a Financial Counsellor

Once you have completed the Online Debt Management Course and pass the Debt Management Knowledge quiz (with passing score of 80%), you will be able to submit a counselling request using the following two ways:

Using the Online Submission Portal. The link to Online Submission Portal will be available after you have completed and pass the Online Debt Management Course.

1.   Complete the Online Submission Form.
2.   Obtain the relevant supporting documents.
3.   Upload the relevant supporting documents.


Filling up the Counselling Request Form (available in PDF format). The link to download the Counselling Request Form will be available after you have completed and pass the Online Debt Management Course.

1.   Complete the Counselling Request Form.
2.   Obtain the relevant supporting documents.
3.   Send the completed Counselling Request Form and supporting documents to CCS via post or via email.

By Post

51 Cuppage Road
Singapore 229469

By Email to



After we have received a complete set of documents, we will contact you with the details of your appointment via SMS / email.


What are the supporting documents required? Click here to find out.