Phone Counselling Registration

Currently there is no phone counselling, until further notice.
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During the 45 minutes phone counselling session, our debt advisor will discuss and work with you on the following areas:

1)      Establish the total amount of debts you owe to different parties

2)      Ascertain your sources of incomes and assets

3)      Identify expenses that you need to reduce your spending

4)      Explore things that you can do to improve incomes

5)      Draw up a monthly living budget for you and your family (if you are married)

6)      Ascertain if you have enough budget surplus to work out a debt repayment proposal

7)      Explore alternative solutions if you are not a suitable candidate to work out a debt repayment proposal through CCS

You can see that there are many topics to be discussed, therefore, it is important that you have a copy of the budget form you submitted to CCS with you together with a calculator and a pen to be ready for the session.

Please also ensure that your hand phone is fully charged if you are using one and that you should station yourself at a table in a quiet place with minimal disturbance.

Stay focus to discuss about your financial matters during the 45 minutes phone counselling session.

Please ensure to answer our call (Tel: 6338 2663) at your selected time slot as our debt advisor has subsequent sessions to attend to.