Financial Education Workshops

Cents-ible© Retirement Programme (CRP) 


CCS Cents-ible© Retirement Programme (CRP) is a 2-module programme that helps those who are approaching retirement or newly retired to be more financially self-reliant.

Module 1 is a workshop that involves a hands-on approach to take stock of your financial resources, and to determine if you have enough to see you through your retirement.

Module 2. After completing the workshop, you may choose to follow-up with our financial buddies for personalised financial counselling to help you draw up an actionable plan to optimise your financial resources and address your legacy.

Ideally suited for the "young-seniors" who are between 54 and 65 years of age, who own and/or reside in a HDB flat and do not own a second property.

The Workshop (Module 1) component is FREE and now open for registration. As participation is limited to 15 participants per workshop, do complete the registration in order to confirm your seat.


Our next available Workshop (conducted in English):

Saturday, 24 August 2019


Our next available Workshop (conducted in Chinese): To be announced


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DMP Graduates Workshop

This workshop has been organised specially for individuals who are about to complete or have completed their Debt Management Programme (DMP) and celebrates your success in being debt-free. Do watch out for an email invitation from CCS that will contain your exclusive sign-up link. 
During the workshop, you will discover :
1.   How to rebuild your credit - presented by Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS).

2.   How to set financial goals and avoid getting trapped in debt again.

3.   What to consider in order to be ready for retirement.

Email or call 6225 5227 for more information.













Financial Workshop to Determine Sustainability in Retrenchment

Dealing with retrenchment is never easy. With a loss of income, even if you have some savings that you can rely on, how long will your cash reserve last?

Credit Counselling Singapore provides a step-by-step guidance through a 2-hour workshop conducted in a group setting, to help you determine your personal financial position and an option (to be arranged by appointment only) to speak with a our Credit Counsellor if you need further advice on how to restructure debt.

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