Very often, consumer who has a debt problem feels very alone. He tends to keep the debt problem to himself, not wanting anyone to know because he is likely to feel ashamed, silly, guilty, loss of pride or worry about losing his job.

As a result, the debt problem grows bigger, the stress level becomes higher, work performance is affected, relationships turn tense and subsequently, the individual may become depressed and suicidal thought may began to arise.

Ms R
CCS should bring awareness of its existence, because being 45 years of age, I never knew such an Organization existed till the bank officer at ANZ...

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Ms S
Big THANK YOU to you, Ms T and CCS! My husband and myself would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your colleagues who have helped...

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Ms G
I’m currently holding an executive post with monthly gross salary of $4,000 per month. Rightfully speaking, I should not get myself into...

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Ms J
How I wish other people could step up and plan to pay back the banks by installments.  I believe many people never come across CCS. It...

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