Information Talks on Debt Management

From 7 October 2019 12:00 pm onwards, we will be serving you from our new office at

51 Cuppage Road (behind The Centrepoint) 
Singapore 229469



Information Talk on Consumer Debt Management

Attend our FREE Information Talk to find out the various options you can consider to address your outstanding credit card balances and unsecured personal loans when repayment has become increasingly overwhelming. 

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Information Talk on Enterprise (Business) Debt Management

Attend this FREE Information Talk to find out more about our new Enterprise Credit Counselling Programme (ECCP), for owners of small enterprises struggling with their business and outstanding debts. This talk will highlight the obligations and financial liabilities expected of a business owner and as a personal guarantor and options to consider to address outstanding business and personal debts.

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Information Talk on Consumer Debt Management


This is a 2-hour talk conducted in a group setting that provides reliable information on how to handle a debt problem. It is free of charge and it covers the various options available to address a debt problem, common collection actions (including legal actions) taken by the creditors against the debtors, and the dos and don’ts when handling a debt problem.

An individual with a debt problem must attend this info talk first before submitting request for a counselling session to receive debt advices.

Your record of seeking assistance from CCS is kept confidential; except under special circumstances such as when there is imminent danger of harm to yourself and/or others, or as required by the law (eg. investigation of a criminal offence).

There are English and Mandarin sessions.  Please ensure that you have selected the correct session and take note of the venue of the talk.

Please be seated at least 5 mins before the commencement of the talk.

If you need to change your selected session, please visit and login (bottom right corner of Homepage) to make the change.

Alternatively, you may email or call CCS at 6225 5227. 



Online Course on Consumer Debt Management


Getting reliable and unbiased information on how you can address a problem debt is important in order to make an informed decision.

While you can attend our weekly Information Talks in person, you may also consider taking our Online Debt Management Course (Pilot)  if you prefer to learn on your own time and pace. This is a 5-module course with a Debt Management Knowledge Quiz. The course can be normally completed within 2 hours and you may stop and continue where you left off at any time. This course is accessible via compatible PC, laptop and mobile devices 

During the online course, you will learn about the various options one can consider to address problem debts, the “do-s and dont-s” of dealing with a debt problem, how to deal with creditors and what are the common actions that creditors can take to recover the money owed.

As this is a PILOT course, we are able to accept only a limited number of participants. Please sign-up to attend our "live" Information Talk if you are unable to register or complete the online course.

To indicate your interest, you may email