Summary of Activity

Information Talk 


This is a 2-hour talk conducted in a group setting that provides information on how to handle a debt problem.  It is free of charge and it covers the various options available to address a debt problem, common collection actions (including legal actions) taken by the creditors against the debtors, and the dos and don’ts when handling a debt problem.

An individual with a debt problem must attend this info talk first before submitting request for a counselling session to receive debt advices.

Your record of seeking assistance from CCS is kept confidential; except under special circumstances such as when there is imminent danger of harm to yourself and/or others, or as required by the law (eg. investigation of a criminal offence).

There are English and Mandarin sessions.  Please ensure that you have selected the correct session and take note of the info talk venue as these talks are not conducted at CCS office.

Please arrive early because the door will be locked when the session begins.

If you need to change your selected session, please visit and login (bottom right corner of Home Page) to make the change.


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Workshops for DMP Graduands / DMP Graduates


This 3-hour money management workshop is offered by CCS for DMP graduands/DMP graduates.

You may register for this workshop ONLY if you have received an email invitation from CCS. 

This money management workshop has been designed to help you - our DMP graduands/DMP graduates, build a stronger financial position for yourself and your family. 


Please do / take note on the following:

1.     Have the Promo Code (provided in the email invitation sent to you) ready on hand

2.     Select the date listed in the calendar

3.     An email confirmation will be sent to you upon successful registration of the workshop

4.     A SMS reminder will be sent to you before the actual run of the workshop

5.     Light refreshments (Halal certified) will be provided on the workshop day before the session begins


If you are a vegetarian and/or need to change your registration, please provide your full name, NRIC/PP number, mobile number and type “DMP Graduands/DMP Graduates Workshop” followed by your request and email to or call us at Tel: 6595 6517 / 6595 6504 during office hours (M- F, 9 am – 6 pm, except PH).


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Phone Counselling Appointment (online booking not in operation yet)


This is a 45-minute one-to-one phone counselling session.

You should register for a phone counselling session only if you have attended the info talk on debt management and submitted your counselling request to CCS.

Please select a date and time slot from the list that best suits your schedule to ensure that you will not be interrupted during the 45 minutes.

Phone counselling session is conducted in English.

If you need to change your selected time slot, please call 62255 227 during office hours for assistance.


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